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We specialize in  Energy Procurement and Management for Electricity and Natural Gas. West Point Energy Consulting  assess electricity and natural gas purchasing opportunities, construct detailed energy budgets and forecasts, and evaluate bids from a number of licensed suppliers. We can also provide you with information and pricing about “green power,” or Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). If your facility is not being charged within the appropriate rate class by your utility, we offer utility rate optimization.

As Brokers/ Aggregators, we help in securing electricity and natural gas transactions and contracts. We work closely with our clients to structure contracts that are in their best interest and minimize supply-side energy expenses. While nobody has a crystal ball to predict changes in the energy markets with absolute certainty, we have a track record of helping clients successfully weather the most volatile periods.

Over the past decade, many states have moved to deregulate their electricity and natural gas markets. You may have the opportunity to purchase your energy from a variety of competitive retail electric suppliers; they are not required to buy it at tariff rates from their local utility. Click here for the Deregulation status of each state.

We act solely on behalf of our clients—always. We are not affiliated with any particular utility or energy supplier. We review pricing proposals and break down costs over the life of the contract, providing our clients with a clear and concise apples-to-apples comparison of all the offers so that they can make an informed choice.

With electricity and natural gas deregulation, you now have the power to choose your energy suppliers. There are so many suppliers to choose from, all claiming to be the best:

Which Supplier do you choose?

How do you compare confusing offers?

How do you manage this major expense?

Outsource your utility negotiations to our energy consultants. Let us ensure that your pricing is at or below current market conditions! We do all of the legwork, and present our findings in an executive summary format.

Best of all, our fee is paid by the Energy Company!

Increasingly, organizations of all sizes are turning to green power as a means of encouraging the production of renewable energy and boosting their own sustainability credentials. Green power prices are particularly attractive right now in many U.S. markets. RECs are a great option for building owners or contractors seeking credits for LEED Certification as well as for businesses targeting the reduction of their carbon footprint.

After retaining West Point Energy Consulting as your  Energy Consultant, our review process will begin with an analysis of no-cost and low-cost energy alternatives. Usually that starts by looking at your energy supply arrangements and seeking lower-cost contracts in deregulated markets. Even when energy savings may not be available (compared to your local utility rates), you should still consider beneficial terms and conditions not available from regulated utilities.

When plotted together, electricity prices and natural gas prices seem to track closely, and the reality is that they are closely related. In the Eastern US, electricity prices and natural gas prices are strongly correlated. Natural gas fired generating units are usually the marginal units called upon by the grid operator and, as such, set pricing in the wholesale markets. So, generally in the Eastern US, as natural gas prices go, so go electricity prices.


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  1. pete keating says:

    Who are some of your clients? Do you offer energy bvrockering in Dc and VA?

  2. pete keating says:

    Who are some of your clients and do you operate in DC and VA?

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