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Management Services

Ed at West Point Energy Consulting works with corporate, municipal, institutional facility managers and senior executives who are looking for the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned energy consultant. Ed will help clients understand their energy opportunities and achieve their energy and sustainability goals. Whether you are looking for assistance in negotiating energy supply contracts, or you are attempting to purchase real estate, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Depending on the extent of your needs, Ed can provide comprehensive services tailored to your vision and mission for energy and sustainability or help your business understand a single aspect of your energy profile.

Some of our consulting services include energy commodity management and energy information management. We can help you execute energy supply transactions, understand your company-wide energy consumption, and begin to evaluate your carbon footprint. We have the skills and experience to manage your energy purchases or energy data quickly, accurately, and completely.



Energy Commodity Management

Energy commodity management involves the establishment of a long-term energy purchasing strategy and implementation plan. West Point Energy Consulting and our client partner in this process. West Point Energy Consulting takes a comprehensive approach to assure that transactions meet your organization’s current objectives and future needs. We present the information and will offer recommendations that help you decide when to buy energy commodities such as gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel, electricity, natural gas, when not to purchase, and when to ride the market.

This service includes procurement strategy, energy budgeting, contract negotiation, and energy price hedging when applicable. Ed has significant experience in energy commodity management working with a variety of clients over the years.

We are unaffiliated with any utility or energy supplier and therefore have no self-interest in the final selection of supplier, term of contract, or energy purchasing transaction structure. Our sole objective is to identify the transaction that best meets each unique client’s business objectives. We always endeavor to direct you to supply agreements that deliver the maximum benefit at the minimum price point. Our clients know that we have the expertise to help them make wise decisions at the proper times to manage their costs as optimally as possible.

West Poiny Energy Consultants work with resellers of fuel, gasoline jobbers, commercial, industrial, and municipal customers, helping them achieve savings on gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, natural gas and electricity costs in any deregulated state. We are independent energy brokers. When you partner with West Point Energy Consultants, you will know we are always working in your best interest. While working for you it is important that we also maintain and foster good relationships with certified product suppliers, refiners and utilities. However, unlike many energy brokers, we have avoided the formal ties that create conflicts of interest or limit a customer’s supply options.

When sourcing natural gas and/or electricity for our Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal clients, we encourage a time-proven approach that builds the foundation for a true partnership with our clients. We also believe in tying our success to yours whenever possible. The energy markets are complex and volatile, with prices changing by the minute. If you have a car-shopper’s outlook and are seeking a quick quote, are shopping offers, or working in parallel with your consultant, chances are you are cheating yourself and limiting the suppliers who will bid to serve your energy needs. If you are truly serious about understanding your risk tolerance, your energy sourcing options, and finally taking control of your energy costs, contact West Point Energy Consulting. Our time-proven approach is:

  Discuss Goals and Objectives

  • Analyze your risk tolerance
  • Examine any existing supply agreements
                                                  Market Analysis
  •  Identify which accounts are eligible to seek alternate supply offers
  • Identify which energy markets are active and present opportunities for savings
  • Gather, sort, group and analyze your historical load data
    • Identify load profiles that will result in the lowest bids
  • Discuss market trends and potential procurement strategies
    • Fixed rates, variable rates, block/index, short-term, long-term, etc.
  • Develop a decision-support model
    • Identify a price-to-beat needed to accept a supply offer
  •  Design customized Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit offers from all eligible suppliers
  • Review and explain supplier contract terms and conditions
  • Alert all eligible and qualified suppliers
  • Conduct a paper RFP
                                                 Supply Contract
  •  Perform Savings Analysis
  • Analyze supplier bids and recommend a supplier
  • Recommend Contracting Terms
  • Assist in the account switching process
                                                Ongoing Support
  •  Upload contracts, sites and usage
  • Monitor your contract, energy costs and use during the term of your supply agreements
  • Prepare for Renewals
  • Market opportunity alerts and updates





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