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Lower your electric bill or natural gas bill by switching your energy supplier      

West Point Energy Consulting is a Regional Consultant for Ambit Energy. Ambit has over 800,000 satisfied residential customers, all saving money on their power or gas bills. The average customer saves 15%, with some saving as much as 30%! Here’s how it works:

  • In 1998 the first US states deregulated their energy  industries and broke the utility company monopolies. This allowed new energy suppliers to enter the market place and offer more competitive rates. Currently 24 states are deregulated.
  • West Point Energy Consulting has contracted with the nation’s best and largest energy supply companies to help them sign up new customers. With all the top suppliers to choose from, we can always find a program that is right for you and will save you money.
  • We will answer all your questions and help you choose the program with the best rate for you.
  • If you like the program, we can sign you up right on the phone and in about 2 months you will start seeing your new lower rate and the name of your new supplier on your regular utility bill.
  • Your local utility company will still deliver your electricity and/or natural gas to you, just like always. Check out Central Hudson’s Energy Choice Program to learm more about Energy deregulation: CENTRAL HUDSON ENERGY CHOICE


How much can you save?
You’ll never know until you ask!

Call (845)561-4171 today or        To Sign up now go to:

Start Your Ambit Energy Business Today

Are you ready to “energize” your income and take control of your financial future?

As an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant, you can earn unlimited residual income just by helping people save money on their bills. It’s simple. All you have to do is help people save money on a service they already use every day – and can’t do without! Plus, you set your own hours and your own goals, and enjoy the freedom of working from home.

So what’s stopping you? Nothing! Come be a part of something big, and become an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant today. Discover how you can build your own successful business selling the one thing everyone needs – energy

As an Ambit Consultant, you help people save money on their energy bills. There are no products to sell. No inventory to keep. No juices, gadgets, widgets or potions to convince people they need. It’s energy. It’s easy. Energy is an absolute necessity, and it’s already in everyone’s budget. Ambit and Royal Dutch Shell recently extended a new multi-year term supply agreement. Royal Dutch Shell is one of the largest wholesale suppliers of electricity and natural gas in North America.

Work with a Team That Will Help You Succeed

With Ambit, you are not alone. Our team is growing across the country, and we have Consultants who work their Ambit business full time. We will show you how to plug into Ambit’s simple success system so you can start earning an income right away. We will also show you how to grow your business as big as you want to grow it. It’s up to you, and we’re here to help.




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