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In many companies the position “Energy Manager” does not exist, and where it does the duties and qualifications vary greatly. At West Point Energy Consulting, we offer the following observations of how you would benefit by retaining an energy consultant and what characteristics to look for.

  • Engaging an Energy Consultant allows you to retain a professional without putting him/her on your payroll
  • There is no need for training
  • He/she is monitoring the markets on a full-time basis
  • The job is not being done internally, or is a part-time responsibility for someone
  • Unlike employees, it is easy to link an Energy Consultant’s compensation to your success.

As with any professional field, education is vitally important and the learning process never ends. Most, but not all Energy Consultants, come from engineering disciplines and have the management experience needed to make and implement wise decisions. While education is essential, a good energy consultant will also possess the experience needed to apply that theory in real world applications. Ideally, look for someone who can identify problems in the boiler room and explain solutions in the boardroom.

West Point Energy¬†Consulting knows where the energy markets have been trading and where they are likely to go. A good understanding of market fundamentals and technical analysis will help with the latter. Armed with this information, your energy data, and a good understanding of contracts, your Energy Consultant will develop and administer the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. The RFP should seek various price options and terms that are appropriate for the prevailing market conditions and are consistent with your company’s risk tolerance.

The energy field is broad in scope, complex and constantly on the move. When engaging an Energy Consultant, you want someone who appreciates that fact and is always looking to stay abreast of the latest changes. Those changes may be in the form of new technology, regulations, tax laws or market opportunities. You also want someone who knows when and where to look for additional support, if needed. Just like your consultant needs to know his/her limitations, they also need to understand the client’s limitations. This is particularly important when it comes to the transfer of technologies.

At West Point Energy Consulting, I am committed to providing a valuable service to you!

Ed Cuccurullo, President and CEO

contact Ed @: ed@wpenergyconsulting.com




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