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Ed Cuccurullo is the President and Chief Executive Officer of West Point Energy Consulting, a premier consulting company focusing primarily on the retail fuel industry. We are business brokers involved in the acquisition and sale of retail fuel marketers. Other services include  risk management, supply and trading strategies, energy procurement, electric and natural gas brokering, contract negotiations, and commercial real estate brokering . Ed launched his consulting company, West Point Energy Consulting in 2011, initially specializing in the downstream retail oil and gas industry. Because of aggressive deregulation of the energy markets, Ed has expanded his client base, and is now involved in electric, natural gas, fuel oil, gasoline, distillates and other refined products. During the past 37 years, Ed has experience as an energy executive, energy trader, real estate developer, marketer, salesman and consultant. Most recently, Ed was President of Warex Terminals Corp., a large Wholesale, Retail, and Terminal Operator located in New York. Prior to 1987, Ed worked at Atlantic Fuels Marketing, Ultramar Petroleum, Pittston Petroleum and Amerada Hess Corp. West Point Energy Consulting was established primarily to support clients with Ed’s expertise in the Energy Industry and help those clients as an “Energy Manager”. Ed’s many business backgrounds over the years have enabled him to fully understand the needs of the client in the ever evolving energy industry. He has developed and implemented one of the most creative and successful fuel hedging programs. Ed continues to expand his consulting business by utilizing a pro-active hedging style, developing client specific programs with foundations that can change with the dynamics of the energy market and commodities. He uses an aggressive and creative style in hedging while preserving a sincere commitment to his clients founded on sound principles with the highest degree of integrity.Ed was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1956. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the State University of New York at New Paltz in 1978.
Contact Ed at: (845)-561-4171
Edward Cuccurullo
West Point Energy Consulting, LLC
22 Susan Drive
Newburgh, New York 12550


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